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How to use paper tape in an internal
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How to install a ceiling rose
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How to patch a large hole in plasterboard
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How to install a suspended plasterboard ceiling
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For information on peaked plasterboard joins and popped nails.

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Patch a hole in plasterboard, no screws, no tape & no back block?
Garage ceiling, are the joists at the wrong centres?
Stitching Plasterboard Joints?
Base/top coat or all purpose compound
Fibre Cement Sheet - Best method to cut?
False Ceiling over old vermiculite ceiling
Replace ceiling plaster after removing cornice?
Alternative to plastering a walll
Cornice fine crack repair?
1970's ceiling...and walls ....
Paper tape woes
Flush Access Panel
Base/top coat or all purpose compound
repairing lath and plaster
Cathederal Ceiling - Condesation problem?
Fixing plasterboard to hard timber studs
Fixing Cornice to solid plaster wall/gyprock ceiling
Painting over a chipped ceiling
Gyprock in the kitchen
Can Mdf board be plastered?
Supplier Polystyrene Cornice
Best sanding powertool for plasterboard..?
Matching solid plaster pattern
plasterboard ceiling level
plaster preparation for drywall
What Laser Level would you Recommend?
plasterboard tape
Fixing villaboard to brick for tiling?
cutting holes in lath and plaster
shadowset or not to shadowset?
Patching up a vermiculite ceiling
Fastener/Compound "Pops" (fixing popped nails)
Is it necessary to do the square set join if using cornice?
Cracking Villaboard on ceiling (set)
Square Set Ceilings
Suspended Ceiling Prices
Double gyprock Vs insulation for sound proofing???
Covering an exposed brick wall.
Removing Plaster sheets
inverted peak in ceiling plasterboard
Cornice adhesive or Masonary adhesive?
Plastering around windows
Sound proofing between floors
Plasterboard Drill
Plastering - Setting 135 degree internal corner.
New Plaster.....Disaster
Weatherboard meets gyprock
Base Bond
sound proofing problem
Sagging Ceilings
attention Rod Plaster Brokers
brown stain in fibro
Skim coat
Repairing a hole in a ceiling
What's the truth about "Saddle Plaster" ceilings?...
Plasterboard Questions?
Walls -what are they made of?
gyprock brick feature wall
Villaboard installation
Villaboard or plaster board ?
Plastering/rendering advice for bathroom?
Plaster Going prices
Cost to gyprock whole house
Cant decide - cement render or plasterboard?
How thick can plaster be applied to a brick wall?
Cornice Cement vs Liquid Nails?
collapsing fibrous plaster ceilings!!!!!
Can I tile over top coat?
Butt join cracks in ceiling gyprock
Cement Ceiling... What are my options?
Nightmare walls
Plaster Air vents
Ceiling Battens?
First attempt at plastering
Install insulation into old walls ?
Fibre cement sheet for lining garage
Villaboard or Ply?
Plasterboard Joints Showing up after Painting
Problems during stud adhesive application on battens
concrete wall paint or plaster ?
Ceiling repair
Repairing sagging ceiling plaster at edge of brick wall
Cracking Villaboard
Walls -what are they made of?
Plaster joint paper bubbling when wet!
Almost finished the Gyprock
Air vents old style bathroom
Repairing ceiling paint mishap
Fixing broken laths on ceiling (lathen plaster)?
Gyprocking over a brick wall?
Advice on ceiling repair, cracking butt joints (plaster board)?
Screws into ceiling, and adhesive as cornice cement?
pressed tin ceiling or plaster?
Help required for fixing small hole in Plasterboard?
Tips for ceiling U-channel needed?
Internal corners on cornice?
Jointing Wet Area Gyproc (CONFUSED!)
Masonite vs. Plasterboard?
Exploding Cornice?
Villaboard ceiling
Plaster Vents
Laying a small section of Gyrock Horizontally or vertically?
Replastering brick hard plastered walls
Gyprock flushing
Feature Wall
Is this a vermicuilite ceiling?
Wet gyprock
Plaster dust
Cutting cornice with a drop saw?
Suspended ceiling
Ceiling Cladding
What is "white set"?
Cutting cornice
Plastering not too hard is it?
plastering over fibro?
Help! Textured/possible vermiculite ceilings
What Materials Are These Please?
paint peeling from roof
Villaboard ? Plasterboard around universal beam?
Wall to Cathedral ceiling plaster
bubbles in plaster and more ?
Best way to repair crack in Gyprock
plastering holes
Plastering to steel framework
Filling hard plaster channels in walls?
EasyTape sagged in butt joint in ceiling
Smoothing a textured ceiling
Cut join at right angles to joists?
gyprock crack! how to fix it also posts on plasterers reliability.
Renovating our house, need some plastering advice please
Screw ? stains visible through plasterboard
Cracking Up?
Preparing old cornice for re-painting
plastering with condensation in the room
taping plaster joins
Covering gap where picture rails were...
Covering up cracks in internal walls
Hole in ceiling gyprock
Help!! - Plaster Decorative Ceiling Troubles
Speeding up filling of butt join in plasterboard
Archway over brickwall
Gyprocking over asbestos
square setting an archway
Glue question
Plastering over a doorway
Ceiling Joint Cracking
Plastering Question....
Plastering quote - too dear???
False ceiling
plaster repair
skim coating
Plaster ceiling - should I use battens?
Stuffed up fitting cornice
Cutting Cornice Mitres
bumpy wall
Sanding Advice
Cost to replaster a room
Wall Frames & Plaster - Noggin placement
why do the pommies and the yanks plaster entire wall surfaces?
Renovating Our Bathroom
how to start .... steel frame
Gyprock sanding tip !
Answers Needed for Plastering walls
P/board height from floor?
Plaster & Lathe Walls - Plasterboard over or remove?
What method to attach gyp to studs
Gyprock question
Jointing villaboard to gyproc?
Sagging Ornate Plaster Ceilings - Help!
wall height 2680mm
filling holes in plaster wall
Help! Gyprocking 6.5m high walls
fixing a ceiling hole
Interior walls?

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DIY Home Improvements

Stick on plasterboard adhesive location Stick on plasterboard to tilt panel or brick coating paper tape with plaster filling a crack in lath and plaster putting blocks in and arch way plaster archway in a plasterboard wall using a plasterboard sheet  lifter applying plaster top coat to plasterboard joins coating a plasterboard join curved cornice curved cornice in my home